Pathology Services

What We Do

At Lanterne Dx, we offer the services of board-certified MD pathologists and board-certified veterinary pathologists (ACVP) for routine semi-quantitative evaluations or fully quantitative assessments and reporting.  Our in-house and contracted pathologists have extensive experience from diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academia, and contract research organizations. We offer the capability and expertise to interpret your data accurately.

Pathology Support

Lanterne Dx offers in-house histopathology resources and additional contracted resources for overflow and specialized areas of expertise. All support is provided by certified and experienced pathologists.  Our services and fields of expertise include:

  • Toxicological Pathology
  • Bone and Neuropathology
  • Immunohistochemistry and ISH
  • Developmental and Reproductive Pathology
  • Evaluation of Microscopic Slides
  • Semi-Quantitative Scoring
  • Image Analysis Quantification and Morphometry
  • Full Narrative Pathology Reports
  • Pathology Data Review
  • Clinical pathology correlations to histopathology and interpretations
  • Consultation


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