Clinical Trial Support

Early Phase & Translational Research

Lanterne Dx’s range of services can help you successfully initiate and complete your clinical programs on time and within budget. Our continuous focus on scientific excellence and expert guidance allows us to offer cost-effective programs tailored to your specific needs. Our integrated team of experts add unparalleled value to your clinical studies by guiding you through every phase of your drug development, and determining risk, anticipating and avoiding challenges, and offering accelerated timelines to align with business strategies.

Assay Validations for Clinical Trials

Lanterne Dx takes a fit-for-purpose approach for assay validation. Our goal in validations is to demonstrate assay reliability as well as identify, evaluate, & address variability factors. Assay validations performed at LDX include stringent performance parameters including accuracy, analytical sensitivity, analytical specificity, and precision. We also can provide additional parameters such as reference range, linearity, and LOQ and LOD determination.  

Clinical Trial Support Services

  • Specimen collection & management guidance
  • Data management & data transfers
  • Lab manual & requisition form development
  • Preparation of samples for other lab testing
  • Access to extensive FFPE control block collection
  • Procurement of tissue for assay development
  • Other services to meet your needs…


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