Spatial Biomarker Characterization

Spatial Biomarker Characterization

Spatial biology visualizes which cells are present, where they are located, the biomarker expression patterns, and how they organize and interact within the whole tissue environment. Studying cells in context provides valuable biological insights that you cannot derive by other means.

Our approach at Lanterne Dx combines whole-slide imaging at single-cell resolution to visualize and quantitate biomarker expression. This reveals how cells interact and are organized across the entire tissue landscape.

Visualize up to 6 tissue protein biomarkers or 4 RNA biomarkers simultaneously in whole tissue slides. We offer off-the shelf ready to go panels as well as fully customizable panels. Your assays can be developed with ease and to meet your specific needs. Identify and quantify overlapping biomarkers for greater understanding of the tumor microenvironment leading to enhanced decisions for patient enrollment and accelerated development.

The images below include PD1, FoxP3, PDL1, PanCK, CD68 and CD8. They combine to form the image above allowing visualization of 6 biomarkers on one slide.


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